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Foundation Crack Injection

A Foundation Crack is very common among new build, poured concrete homes. There are several reasons as to why this happens but usually it is the result of shifting soil underneath a newly built house. 

Foundation cracks can come in many different sizes, from hairline to ¼ a inch or bigger.

How Do We Fix Foundation Cracks?

The foundation crack is injected from inside the house, and is sealed off with a quick drying epoxy and multiple foundation crack injection ports. The crack is then injected using a high pressure pump which forces the resin into the crack until it meets the dirt from the outside. The resin then builds pressure and is then forced into all areas of the crack and the process is then repeated above at the next injection port until the crack is full. 

What makes our product so special?

Many companies use the same general brand of polyurethane which can only be used for larger (wide) cracks due to the thickness of the product.

Our special resin is far superior and goes in as a thin liquid to ensure full penetration of the crack. When the injection process is happening , chemicals are being mixed and the resin will start to expand. Resulting in both small and large voids being filled.

The finished product is dry with in minutes, and can be used to fix an active leaking crack, it even reacts with water!

We are so confident in this product, we provide a lifetime warranty on all foundation repair.

Service Areas include : Newcastle, Bowmanville, Courtice, Oshawa, Pickering, Ajax & Toronto.

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