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Foundation Crack Repair

The leading cause of water leaks in homes is often foundation cracks, which usually occur due to soil displacement leading to concrete cracking. 

Carbon Fibre Foundation Repair

Once a foundation crack has been filled with polyurethane, we recommend a carbon fiber wrap to be applied over…

Window well Installation

Window wells are required to prevent rain and snow from entering the window and flooding the basement. A window well requires…

Leaking Rod Hole Repair

Rod holes are common and are found in every home. They are holes leftover from the construction process of the concrete wall.

Garage/Basement Floor Crack Repair

Concrete floor cracks appear unpleasant and they are able to worsen with time. Cracks on your garage floor are….

Crumbling Concrete Stabilization

Your foundation is a critical part of your home, and it needs to be constantly maintained and stabilized while it’s damaged.

Types Of Foundations

Many people are unsure of the types of foundations they have in their home, and this is the first step in the foundation repair process.


Concrete Foundation Wall

A solid concrete wall is the most common foundation in modern day construction. If your house was made in the last 75 years then there is a good chance it is a poured foundation wall. This style of foundation is very good at providing your home structural support and generally is very good at blocking water from coming in the house. Generally, there are only two reasons you have water in your home with a poured foundation and that is either a foundation crack or a leaking rod hole. These issues can both be fixed from inside the basement , with no digging.

poured foundation

Block Foundation Wall

Typically a Block foundation is found in a home 75+ years old and is more prone to leaking vs a poured foundation. A single cinder block is stacked ontop of other cinder blocks, creating the foundation wall. When stacked together the cinder blocks creat columns that can fill with water due to hydrostatic pressure. These issues generally require major repair

block foundation

Common Foundation Waterproofing Issues

Foundation Wall Cracks

Basement wall cracks are very common, almost every house has them. They generally are caused by soil settlement under the home , which causes slight movement in the foundation resulting in a crack. Not every crack leaks but we advise once they are found, we suggest filling them. Its not uncommon for us to hear “its never leaked” only to be called back later because now its leaking. 


Wall Crack

Leaking Rod Holes

A Rod hole is a hole that is left in the wall from the construction process of the home, it is a hole that was once used for rebar. Generally, the home builder covers these holes with cheap hydraulic cement but it is not enough to stop water. When the cement is removed there is a quarter size hole behind it that leads to the outside. It can let in a large amount of water quickly.

leaking rod hole

Foundation Crack Repair

A foundation crack is the most common reason you have water in your basement if you have a poured concrete foundation. A foundation crack repair can be done by high pressure injection from inside the house, no digging from the outside is required. This method uses the newest methods and products on the market. When the crack is injected it filles the void with a expanding product called polyurethane. This fills the crack from floor to ceiling , inside the house to the dirt on the outside. This product also cures very quickly which ensures the product stays in the wall and does not leak out the back side. Aquaphobia is the leader in foundation crack repair, please read our blog for more info.

Foundation Crack Repair

Floor Crack Repair 

Although cracks in your garage or on your basement floor might not be as serious as other issues, we suggest fixing them to prevent further issues and stopping moisture and bugs from getting into the house. 

floor Crack repair

Warranty Information

All foundation crack repairs come with a 2 return leak policy, with no end date. A lifetime warranty is provided for foundation crack repairs if it was injected with polyurethane and treated with a carbon fiber system. No warranty is provided for previously repaired foundation cracks by home owner or contractor (we can try to fix it but don’t guarantee it)

Fixing Foundation Cracks Like Nobody's Business!

Aquaphobia Foundation Repair & Waterproofing is the only company you’ll ever need for professional foundation repair, waterproofing, and much more!

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We have fixed thousands of basements and have achieved a 5 star Google rating. We hope to make you our next happy customer.

Natalie Messmer
Natalie Messmer
25. August, 2022.
Our home had two vertical cracks in the foundation wall. We had wide-ranging opinions from several companies on how they should be repaired. We chose Jon and his team because his solution was the most sensible. Jon was patient throughout the discussion, and very professional while performing the work. His team was friendly with our children, and we are happy with their work. We would recommend Jon to anyone in our community who requires a foundation repair. Caelen & Natalie, Courtice.
Mohamed Azam
Mohamed Azam
22. August, 2022.
Prompt services at reasonable price. We highly recommend Aquaphobia Foundation Repair! Very informative and does a thorough job. Thank you for your services!
Karen C
Karen C
6. August, 2022.
John is professional and calming. The basement crack was assessed, as well as a last minute builder hole, repaired and completed in just over an hour. A very positive experience.
Charles Cooper
Charles Cooper
30. June, 2022.
Contacted Jon on Sunday about a foundation crack that needed to be injected, work was completed two days later. Very happy! Very happy with the service after the repair. Had a different issue and he was able to come and inspect and give me some guidance on repairing it. Thanks again!
Steven Cummins
Steven Cummins
30. June, 2022.
Highly recommend Aquaphobia! John, the owner actually answered his phone when we called (so unlikely these days!) and he sent, we’re sure, his best worker Rob who did a great job repairing the cracks in our foundation. The lifetime warranty is real, they encouraged us to call if we have any problem at all & the good thing is that you can actually reach them! We will definitely use them again if we have a need.
21. June, 2022.
Contacted John by phone for a crack in foundation. Called me back promptly, sent him pics, he explained the cause and solution well. He was in constant communication when he could repair it as it was a rainy wet week. He did the injection from interior. Haven't had a rain fall since so unable to see if effective but I have no reason to believe it won't at this point. Price was decent and was able to leave the house (which is under renovation) and have him complete the work without issue.
Yashmeen Azam
Yashmeen Azam
15. June, 2022.
Very pleased with their services! They are Kind, knowledgeable and professional. Glad I had contacted them in regards to a leak in our basement. They fixed it promptly and all seems great. They will be our go to company for any Foundation repair! Thank you guys!
Alyssa Kristen Thompson
Alyssa Kristen Thompson
19. February, 2022.
Aquaphobia is an amazing service. The job is done quick and properly. We have had nothing but a positive experience with them. Lots of knowledge on their part which helps us understand what is being done and why. It’s perfect. Thanks aquaphobia !!
Jada Reason
Jada Reason
27. January, 2022.
Jon did an amazing job!! He was professional, knowledgeable, efficient and reliable. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who has foundation issues.


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