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carbon Fibre Foundation reinforcement

carbon Fibre Foundation reinforcement

Carbon Fibre Foundation Reinforcement

Once a foundation crack has been filled with polyurethane, we recommend a carbon fiber wrap to be applied over the foundation crack to stabilize the area and prevent further movement of the foundation wall. Carbon fiber is 10x stronger than steel

How It Works and When You Might Need It

Carbon Fiber is made up made up from very small carbon atoms which have been turned into a woven fabric . Carbon fiber has several advantages such as having high tensile strength and high strength to weight ratio. It is very popular in aerospace, civil engineering, motorsports and now foundation repair.

Carbon fiber in foundation repair is applied over a foundation wall to assist in stabilization and prevent movement. It can be applied over foundation cracks and bowing walls.
The carbon fiber wrap is applied to the wall with a structural epoxy, which is absorbed into the carbon fiber and provides excellent adhesion.

The final product is a flat, sleek looking finish that can be painted or easily hidden behind insulation or drywall.

Aquaphobia Foundation Repair is excited to provide such new advancements in foundation repair and continue to set the industry standard.

Why Choose Aquaphobia Foundation Repair & Crack Injections Services?

We have the experience and know-how needed to perform this type of work. As fully licensed contractors, you can count on us to do this and every job with professionalism and courtesy. No matter what the challenges, we strive to solve problems for our clients in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. When you need expert help to Repair & Crack Injections Services, there’s no better place to turn than Aquaphobia Foundation Repair & Crack Injections Services.

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