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Garage/basement floor Crack repair

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Garage/Basement Floor Crack Repair

Concrete floor cracks appear unpleasant and they are able to worsen with time. 

 When on your garage floor, constantly exposed to the weather and if not sealed properly in a timely manner you could be faced with more serious concrete floor issues. 

Cracks in basement floors pose huge heal risks to you and your family, allowing unhealthy radon gas to seep into your basement in conjunction with water, and moisture.

Why Floor Crack Repair is Important?

One thing you want to recognize approximately concrete floor cracks is that the threat they pose isn’t simply constrained to the looks and aesthetic, basement and garage floor cracks can non-stop deterioration of the concrete floor, allowing water moisture, and radon gases to enter the basement or garage. 

Because most garages are not heated, in the winter months street salts and slush dripping off the vehicle can seep into in the concrete floor, and overnight freezing temperatures will cause the expansion ensuing in the large formation of cracks.

Our service is based on the knowledge that this need to be repaired before they can cause a multitude of other problems for homeowners and family members.

The Causes of Cracks in Garage/Basement Floor

Soil settlement is one of the most common causes of Garage/Basement Floor Cracks. The process of settlement is natural and inevitable. 

However, the severity and velocity of settlement depend on the quality and methods used at some stage in the construction. 

Shrinkage in the concrete floor can bring about the formation and over the years get worse.

Why Choose Us

We have the experience and know-how needed to perform this type of work. As fully licensed contractors, you can count on us to do this and every job with professionalism and courtesy. 

No matter what the challenges, we strive to solve problems for our clients in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. When you require help, there’s no better place to turn than Aquaphobia Foundation Repair & Crack Injections Services.

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